He’s Getting Worse – Joe Biden Gave MLK Jr Speech from Fake White House Set and It Was Prerecorded

Joe Biden gave his MLK Jr speech from the fake White House set with no reporters present.  His speech was again divisive while his senility appears to be getting worse. 
We’ve reported on the fake White House set that Biden has been using since he stepped into the White House.  This has been really weird to watch.
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What Is Going On? Biden Takes Booster Shot on the Production Set of His Fake White House

Biden uses this set often and he even started putting fake pictures in the windows of the White House set.  Bizarre.

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Biden’s ‘White House Set’ Back in the News – Last Week There Were Containers in Windows, This Week It’s Snowing Outside

Yesterday’s MLK Jr speech was again from the set with no press allowed.  Breitbart reported:
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The White House released a pre-recorded video address of President Joe Biden on Monday marking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Video of the president appeared to show Biden delivering his address from his video set across the street from the White House — even as he spent the day at his home in Delaware.
The video focused on Dr. King’s legacy, using the occasion to complain about election security laws supported by Republicans in the United States.

And, Biden’s speech was again divisive.
So now Biden is doing speeches that are pre-recorded, with no press present and from the fake White House set.  Senility only gets worse.

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