Halo Infinite is the greatest gift I received in 2021

Last year, I waxed lyrical about the joy of getting an Xbox Series X. Specifically, I noted that opening a new console is the closest you can get to that Christmas-time vibe as an adult.

I still stand by that statement. And over the past year, the Xbox has been a beloved companion, a way of staying in touch with friends, and keeping me going through bleak months. But… there was something missing.

For a long time I wasn’t sure what that was, but now I understand — it was Halo Infinite.

At this point, we probably all know the rough narrative of the Series X: it’s a great console that didn’t have enough tailor-made games at launch. It’s hard to blame Microsoft entirely (you know, COVID-19 and all), but it has been strange.

Yes, there were bright points along the way (Forza Horizon and Flight Simulator to name two), but there was nothing that sparked the same connotations with the Xbox brand as Halo does.

Then the multiplayer demo dropped in mid-November and things were well once again.