HAH! Rare Biden Supporter Spotted at Trump Arizona Rally — Cuffed and Escorted Off Premises by Police #FJB (VIDEO)

Wow, now here’s a headline!An actual Biden supporter was spotted today in Florence, Arizona!
You don’t see that everyday!… Wonder how much he/she was paid?
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Among the tens of thousands of Trump supporters today in Florence one Biden disruptor was spotted in the crowd hours before President Trump is scheduled to speak.
The young he/him/her was immediately escorted from the premises.

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BREAKING: Disruptor wearing a Biden shirt has been arrested for disrupting the Trump Rally in Florence, AZ
Credit to @RSBNetwork for reporting
* most likely being escorted off the property & trespassed. pic.twitter.com/UK2NE4Ihjr
— Propaganda Sniper (@HindlesKitchen) January 15, 2022

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What a crowd.

President Trump Rally, Florence AZ, and like usual more people here than Biden has ever had at all of his events combine! All the work the Democrats have done to cover up their fraud and all it’s done is wake up more Americans! Keep standing up Patriots! @RealAmVoice @AmandaHead pic.twitter.com/6yq8SFrK7H
— Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) January 15, 2022

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