Greenpeace’s actual claim: ‘Historic record’ cold & snow blamed on ‘climate change’ – ‘Can we afford not why we need to fight climate change’

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“Predictions of less snow were ubiquitous by global warming scientists. But once that prediction failed to come true, the opposite of what they predicted instead became—what they expected. How did global warming scientists explain record snow after prediction less snow? Easy. More snow is now caused by global warming. ‘Snow is consistent with global warming, say scientists’ blared a UK Telegraph headline in 2009. The Financial Times tried to explain “Why global warming means…more snow” in 2012…
So no matter what happens, the activists can claim with confidence the event was a predicted consequence of global warming. There is now no way to ever falsify global warming claims.”
Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano in 2014 on Fox News rips claim that global warming causes cold weather: ‘Global warming causes less snow, except when global warming causes more snow’

January 23, 2014 ‘Your World’ with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel: Morano: ‘Basically, global warming causes less snow, except when global warming causes more snow. And it causes less cold, except when it causes more cold. Every heatwave is proof of global warming, but now we have record cold, record snow, the east coast may see one of the snowiest decades now since the 1960s — exceeding the 1960s. And the [warmits’] new theory is: ‘Bundle up, it’s global warming’…But the record cold proves one thing, that the global warming activists and scientists are willing to basically say that any weather event is now consistent with global warming…That’s how bad it’s become so of course they’re gonna switch. They’ve gone beyond cold weather as proof of global warming, they’re now saying increase in crime, rape statistics … prostitution. They’re trying to throw everything in the mix, saying that if they get worse that’s because of global warming. And there’s actually academics doing real studies on this stuff. This has ceased to become a science, there’s no way to falsify their claims anymore.’

Settled Science Update: Global Warming Means More Snow, Less Snow, Record Snow & No Snow — In 2000: ‘Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past’ — Now: ‘Why global warming means… more snow’

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