Google’s new feature makes switching Bluetooth audio devices a goddamn breeze

Google didn’t present anything physically at this year’s CES, but instead opted to kick off 2022 with a ton of announcements related to new features for Android, Chromebooks, and smart devices to make your life easier.

Fast pair

Google has tried to recreate a quick pairing experience with its Fast Pair feature, but device makers don’t follow it consistently. For instance, the OnePlus Buds Pro doesn’t support it, but the newest OnePlus Buds Z2 supports the standard. Plus, it mostly works with only phones and tablets.

To solve this problem, Google is bringing Fast Pair to Chromebooks, Google TV, and Android TV, so you can pair your buds or speakers easily with these devices — no rifling through Bluetooth settings to get connected. Plus, this new version of the standard will allow you to quickly set up Matter-enabled devices in a few taps later this year.

Hot switching

When I’m using multiple devices, I expect my wireless earphones to switch between them seamlessly. However, this is mostly a dream, and the reality is that I have to manually do it each time I move from my PC to my tablet, my tablet to my phone and so on.

Google is now introducing auto-switching between devices based on context. For instance, if you’re watching a video on your tablet, and if you get a call on your Android phone, your buds will automatically pause the video, and switch to the phone audio so you can talk.