Google Chrome update makes it easy to fix all your weaksauce passwords

Let’s face it, we’ve all had some terrible passwords in our past. Whether it’s using the same password for every site, using some combination of personal information, or simply not using enough unique characters, many of us would do well to strengthen our online security habits.

To that end, Google‘s latest update to Chrome (version 88) makes it easy to fix all your weak passwords in one go, assuming you’re already using the browser for password management.

On the desktop, simply tap on your user icon on the upper right corner of the browser, and tap the key icon. Alternatively, go chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar. Then tap on ‘check passwords,’ and you’ll see a list of passwords that Chrome has determined to be weak, as well as the proper links so you can go and change them.

You can also have Chrome create new strong passwords for you, and the same page will also show you which passwords have been known to be compromised, a feature Google introduced in late 2019.

The feature is currently rolling out to desktop and iOS “over the coming weeks”, and will be coming to Android soon.

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Published January 19, 2021 — 23:16 UTC

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