Goodyear joins Michelin in launching specialist EV tires

Earlier in May, Michelin introduced the Pilot Sport EV tire, its first tire especially made to address the need of electric vehicles. 

Now we have another car tire manufacturer who’s focusing on the EV industry: Goodyear. In a press release, the company announced its first EV-dedicated replacement tire in North America, the ElectricDrive GT. 

Why would EVs need special tires to begin with, you ask?

Well, it all comes down to weight. Electric vehicles generally weigh more than conventional cars, which means they wear tires down much faster. Plus, worn tires will reduce the car’s range, so there’s a lot to win by preventing that from happening.

In response to that, Goodyear has created its tire with an asymmetric tread pattern and specialized tread compound, which it claims provides an enhanced all-season traction in both wet and dry road conditions.