Georgia Voter Files from 2020 and Even 2016 Are Changing

Someone is changing the voter files from the results of the 2016 and 2020 elections in Georgia.  Who is doing this and is it even legal?  If it is legit why is it done in secret?
Massive problems are being uncovered in Georgia’s certified 2020 Election results.  As these are being uncovered, someone is altering the files saved online related to the election.

The individuals at VoterGA and David Cross have uncovered another material issue in Georgia.

If the Secretary of State is supposed to maintain all election records, why is the voter history file not frozen in time on election day?  If edits need to be made for any reason, shouldn’t there be 1 file frozen on election day and a 2nd for updates?  Enquiring minds would like to know.

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Here is the 2016 file.

Here is the 2020 file.

This absolutely should not happen.  These files are the property of the citizens of Georgia.  Once the elections are finalized and certified the results should never change.
This would be unheard of in the financial sector.  If financials for major corporations were changed after the fact without an explanation in the current financial period, there would be hell to pay.  A corporation would be fined and its stock price would plummet.  People could go to jail.
What the hell is going on in Georgia?  Wait till we determine what is being edited. 

There must be some very big issues with the 2020 Election results in Georgia for the State to allow this to happen.  And Raffensperger thinks he’s ‘Mr. Integrity’?

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