Fulton County, Pennsylvania Responds to Secretary of State’s Request to Halt 2020 Election Investigation of Dominion Voting Machines in County

Fulton County, Pennsylvania has responded to the PA Secretary of State’s request to prevent the investigation of the voting machines in the county.
The response is attached below.  In the response, you will see that the Pennsylvania Secretary of State is doing all she can to prevent any investigation of the voting machines used in Fulton County in the 2020 Election.  This alone is suspicious.  In the corporate world employees sign an employee code of conduct agreement at most all companies where they agree to abide by all rules and regulations.  These agreements also state that employees are to work with auditors and provide any information requested.  This is so that audits and investigations are not impeded and auditors are allowed to come to independent and objective opinions of the results and performance of the area audited or investigated.

The fact that the Pennsylvania Secretary of State and Dominion are so determined to prevent this investigation in Fulton County is very suspect and raises numerous large red flags.  If a similar action were performed in the corporate world, people would be fired.  
The county has a good argument and lays out its response to the Secretary of state’s requests to prevent the investigation.  See full court filing below.

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