Fully Vaccinated *And Boosted* Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Tests Positive For Covid

Fully vaccinated *and boosted* Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday tested positive for Covid-19.
Lightfoot said she is experiencing “cold-like symptoms” and credited the vaccine and booster.

Earlier today, I tested positive for COVID-19. I am experiencing cold-like symptoms but otherwise feel fine which I credit to being vaccinated and boosted. I will continue to work from home while following the CDC guidelines for isolation.
— Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (@chicagosmayor) January 11, 2022

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Lightfoot urged people to get vaccinated and boosted after she got Covid despite being vaccinated and boosted.

This is an urgent reminder for folks to get vaccinated and boosted as it’s the only way to beat this pandemic.
— Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (@chicagosmayor) January 11, 2022

Lori Lightfoot has imposed some of the strictest Covid mandates in the country, including requiring proof of vaccination to enter most buildings in Chicago.
However, she never followed her own Covid rules.
Lightfoot was caught getting her hair done during the height of the Covid lockdowns in 2020.
Lightfoot threatened to jail anyone who flouted her Covid mandates.

However, when she was confronted about visiting the hair salon in April 2020, Lightfoot said getting her hair done is “essential” because she’s the face of Chicago.

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