Feds Quietly Close Flynn Leak Investigation, Find No Wrongdoing By Crooked Obama Officials

Federal prosecutors quietly closed the investigation into a leak of General Mike Flynn’s calls with Russian Ambassador Kislyak to Washington Post reporter David Ignatius.
According to the New York Times, prosecutors found no wrongdoing by Obama officials involved in the leak of sensitive information (potentially classified) to the media.

“Prosecutors in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington investigated whether the disclosures came from former Obama administration officials who had access to sensitive information about the phone calls, according to two people familiar with the investigation,” the Times reported.
“The investigators ultimately found no wrongdoing, one of the people said.”

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Flynn’s leaked calls were published by WaPo’s David Ignatius on January 12, 2017 which led to Flynn being fired as National Security Advisor in February of 2017.
Flynn was forced into a plea deal that he lied to the FBI about his conversation with Kislyak and charged with one count of making a false statement.

Flynn never lied about the substance of his call to Kislyak as transcripts later released revealed.
The leak of Flynn’s intercepted calls to the Washington Post was a crime and once again Obama’s cronies skate without punishment.
President Trump pardoned Flynn in late November after rogue Judge Emmet Sullivan refused to dismiss the case after the DOJ dropped charges against Flynn.

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