FBI Arrests West Virginia Lawmaker For Entering US Capitol (VIDEO)

The FBI arrested a West Virginia lawmaker on Friday for entering the Capitol building on Wednesday.
West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans was taken into federal custody on Friday and charged with entering a restricted area of the US Capitol after he livestreamed himself running into the building.

According to WSLS, Evans’s lawyer says the lawmaker has not yet resigned, however Democrats and Republicans are calling for him to be expelled.
Derrick Evans was seen getting cuffed and being escorted by FBI agents from a home in West Virginia.

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#BREAKING WV Delegate Derrick Evans has been taken into federal custody.
He’s charged after allegedly entering a restricted area of the US Capitol with rioters Wednesday.
A woman saying he was his grandmother came out telling us to leave as he was put in a car. #WSAZ pic.twitter.com/wK2RqFcaF7
— Chad Hedrick (@WSAZChadHedrick) January 8, 2021

The FBI wasted no time hunting down Trump supporters and others who entered the Capitol building this week.
The FBI compiled a MAGA most wanted list and unleashed the might of the nation’s premiere law enforcement agencies to arrest and charge them.

The man who was photographed with his feet on Speaker Pelosi’s desk was arrested in Arkansas on Friday.

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