Far-Left Mainstream Media Crashes and Burns

The far-left mainstream media has lost as much as 48% of its readership in 2021. 
Their refusal to cover the truth behind Joe Biden’s dementia, the 2020 Election steal, the sinking economy, Dr. Fauci’s ludicrous COVID policies and the 

According to a report at Breitbart, the mainstream media took a huge hit in 2021:

The establishment media’s online readership has reportedly collapsed without the aid of Donald Trump’s America First presidency.

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The Hill, Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Vox Media have lost a large percentage of monthly unique visitors since Trump led the nation, according to Comscore data cited by the Journal.

“Newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there,” Trump predicted in 2017, “because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes.”

Politico’s readership has reportedly declined the greatest amount at 48 percent. The Post‘s page views are reportedly fewer by 28 percent, followed by the Times at 15 percent, then the Journal and Vox Media at nine percent.
As Trump is canceled on Twitter and Facebook, reducing his ability to immediately create a headline for the establishment media to print, the amount of the Post’s digital subscribers has reportedly declined by nearly 300,000.
According to the report, only three of the Post’s ten most-read articles on the home page in 2021 were political coverage. Whereas in 2019, just about all the 50 most-read articles on the home page were political “news.”

The fake news mainstream media was horrible in its coverage of President Trump.  The people witnessed it and saw through it.
The same can’t be said of The Gateway Pundit.  In 2021, the Gateway Pundit had its best year ever.  We will report more on this in the days to come.When you report the truth your numbers will grow. The mainstream media should think about that for a change.

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