EXCLUSIVE: #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka’s Attorney Releases Statement Before Sentencing

Brandon Straka the founder and leader of The WalkAway movement was arrested by federal agents following the January 6, 2021 protests and riot.
Brandon did NOT go inside the US Capitol, did not participate in ANY violence, did not encourage violence, did not plan any violence, yet the corrupt and politicized federal government charged him with TWO felonies and a misdemeanor.

Brandon Straka was charged with crimes because Brandon Straka is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE as a grassroots organizer!
Brandon’s story is amazing. After being a dedicated liberal for years and years he started to do a bit of investigating and decided he could no longer support the viciousness and lies of the left.

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Today over 600,000 Americans have joined Brandon and the #WalkAway movement and have not looked back!
And THAT’S WHY Brandon Straka was targeted by the corrupt federal prosecutors for attending the rally on January 6.Brandon is effective. He leads leftists to the light. And once they Walk Away they DON’T walk back!

On Wednesday, October 6, Walk Away founder Brandon Straka pled guilty to a Class B Misdemeanor for the crime of disorderly conduct inside the US Capitol Grounds on January 6th.
After Brandon’s hearing, the demonic media portrayed this as a victory for their cause by proclaiming – Brandon Straka pled guilty for his ROLE “in the Insurrection.”
Brandon’s sentencing is this Thursday.
The Walk Away Campaign is an authentic grassroots movement that has inspired and supported democratic voters who walk away from the radical, America-hating left. This campaign has campaign has rescued many Americans from the Democrat plantation and brought them over to the Republican party.
Now, to make matters worse for Brandon, a former federal prisoner and “serial litigator,” Johnathan Riches, is on record alleging Straka “was caught on camera telling Trump supporters to take the officers shield,” which is total BS.

“Straka to me is Antifa,” said Riches.
But who is Jonathan Riches?
in October 2013, Prison Legal News reported

Jonathan Lee Riches, 36, bills himself as the most litigious person alive. He’s claimed that the Guinness Book of World Records wanted to list him as having filed the most lawsuits; he sued Guinness in response, arguing that they had miscounted the number of his legal actions.

Riches, who has reportedly filed pleadings in over 3,000 federal cases in courts across the nation, claims that he has filed more than 4,500. “You try to master your craft, trying to get better at your craft,” he stated. Undoubtedly, many people hope that Riches’ legal work will improve, given that his suits are routinely dismissed as “frivolous” and “delusional,” and some courts have barred him from further filings.
Riches apparently stumbled onto litigation while serving a 125-month sentence for wire fraud at FMC Lexington in Kentucky. While there, Riches, who began including a copyright symbol after his name in 2006, hand-wrote his complaints and paid some of his legal fees by trading nutritional drinks for books of stamps, he said.

Riches once sued NASCAR, according to Bleacher Report, saying that NASCAR races “influenced him to speed…doing 135 mph and getting tickets.” He also blamed them for his crimes of using fraudulent credit cards to purchase NASCAR tickets, funnel cakes, and beer. He further claimed that Jeff Gordon’s DuPont-sponsored car poisoned him with DuPont chemicals.
He even sued President Trump, “seeking an emergency preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order to stop Donald Trump from running for president.”

The matter was dismissed because it was “another in the series of unquestionably frivolous civil actions Riches has filed in federal courts across the nation.”, according to the judge.
It is unknown why Riches is now attacking Straka, alledging he is ANTIFA, but can we really trust this guy?
According to Sun North Port, “Riches has repeatedly been entangled in historic events, where, for example, he had passed himself at one event as a Muslim with kufi hat and a beard, or in a yarmulke and a T-shirt with a Star of David and the words “Jews for Trump” across the front at another public function.”
He even made appearances at events in honor of Gabby Petito, who went missing with her Boyfriend Brian Laundrie and was later found dead. There, he led chants outside of the Laundrie family home.

Is Riches just another self-promoting grifter who wants some air time?
We have reached out to Red Voice Media, and we will update this post when we hear more on their report attacking Brandon Straka.
On Tuesday afternoon Brandon Straka’s attorney released a response prior to the government sentencing this week.
In the court filing, Straka’s team describes the three times Brandon was interrogated and pressured to make up false statements against the Trump administration and MAGA nation.

Defendant accepts full responsibility for his conduct at the Capitol on January 6 and has expressed remorse for entering the restricted Capitol Grounds. In evaluating an appropriate sentence for this offense, the following factors weigh heavily for a modest non-custodial sentence: (1) defendant did not enter the Capitol, (2) defendant did not engage in any violence, (3) defendant did not possess any weapons, (4) defendant accepted early responsibility for his conduct and voluntarily submitted to three separate government interviews.
During the interviews the government was focused on establishing an organized conspiracy between defendant, President Donald J. Trump, and allies of the former president, to disrupt the Joint Session of Congress on January 6. Defendant answered all questions truthfully and denied the existence of any such plot. In August 2021, the FBI arrived at the same conclusion and found no evidence that violence was centrally coordinated by any individual or group.2 Despite these findings, the government persists with a false narrative that defendant’s actions were premeditated and orchestrated in concert with the greater mob that stormed the Capitol. The Court should reject this improper attempt to expand the scope of the appropriate sentencing factors, and consider only defendant’s relevant conduct with respect to the charged offense: misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Here is the full letter from Brandon’s attorney to the court released today.
Brandon Straka – Response to Govt Sentencing Memo by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Brandon Straka’s sentencing is Thursday morning.
The government has prevented this highly successful conservative activist from speaking out or continuing his work for over a year now. This is the same tactic they used with Roger Stone and others. The federal government wasted millions harassing and abusing Brandon Straka and others. If this is the future of the country then this great nation is lost.
Please pray for Brandon Straka before his sentencing on Thursday morning.

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