EXCLUSIVE Interview with Pennsylvania Senator and President Pro Tempore, Jake Corman, on Current Investigation into 2020 Election Results in the State

Senator Jake Corman, President Pro Tempore of Pennsylvania Senate, discussed in an exclusive interview with Jim and Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit, the current status of the 2020 Election investigation starting up in his state and reasons for the investigation. 
Last night we reported on this week’s court rulings related to the Pennsylvania Senate’s investigation into the 2020 Election results in Pennsylvania.  RINOs, Democrats, and Dominion Voting Machines are all trying to prevent the investigation from moving forward.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Court Rules Pennsylvania Senate’s Investigation of the 2020 Election Results in the State Will Move Forward

After his interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Senator Jake Corman from Pennsylvania joined TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft for a brief discussion about what is going on in regards to the 2020 Election investigation in Pennsylvania.

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Senator Corman shared:

I think transparency is always important in state government, in all governments. And so our job is to make sure we have a clear understanding of  how it was conducted [the 2020 Election], so people can make up their minds and then hopefully we can make policy decisions moving forward to bring that sense of confidence back to our elections.

Jim asked Corman about his comments on Bannon’s War Room shortly before this call when Corman mentioned there’s video of people dropping ballots into dropboxes.  Corman responded that this was  caught in Lackawanna County where an individual was putting multiple ballots into the ballot box, which is not legal.  Corman then talked about the many problems with drop boxes and ultimately that they weren’t put in the statute and there is no regulation or standards of security.   Corman shared:

“We don’t know what went on in a lot of these areas because out of the thin air they created these drop boxes,  again, the wrong thing to do at the wrong time.”

Here is the interview below:


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