EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ann Dorn – Discusses Violence in Major Cities

Ann Dorn shared her thoughts on the violence and destruction in major cities across the country and on the men who murdered her husband in an exclusive interview. 
Ann Dorn was interviewed today on the Joe Hoft Show on Real Talk 93.3.  The former police officer shared about her life since her husband, former police Chief David Dorn, was murdered last year and the insanity in our major cities where criminals are let off scot-free.

The interview below started by sharing a small piece of the presentation Ann gave last year at the RNC.  About two minutes of the five-minute video was shared.  Here is Ann’s full presentation at the RNC from last year.

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Today Ann shared the following:

[After the Floyd shooting] They came to the city for whatever reason.  St Louis city seems to be a hot spot for riots.
We had four officers shot that night. Wh had several that were pinned down in the street taking gunfire from rooftops.
I thought Dave was home.  I was yelling for him to answer the door and he didn’t.
The Chief of Police was standing there crying … he told me Dave had been murdered.
For eight or nine months I was in shock.
[St. Louis Police] worked tirelessly [to find the murderers.]
[Seven people were arrested, two for murder.]
[St Louis DA, Kim Gardner, asked to be recused from the case.]
She only processes about 20% of her cases and is backed by George Soros almost 100%.
Four murderers have walked free because of her [Gardner].
The murderer is awaiting trial and the second murderer is also in jail.
Ann talked on the phone to the judge so the second murderer wouldn’t be set free.
They had to go to Florida to find him the first time.
I think being soft on crime and letting these criminals go.
You’re letting people out of jail who’ve committed murders before the bodies are even cold.
All of a sudden you have these George Soros-funded prosecutors who are like, oh it’s ok.
The one that actually murdered my husband…he’d been charged two different occasions with robbery.  At least one of them was an armed robbery and he was out.  He got probation for it for armed robbery when he should have been serving time.

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