“End of Message” – Joe Biden Reads Instruction off Teleprompter in Tribute to Bob Dole (VIDEO)

This guy is negotiating with Vladimir Putin.
Joe Biden on Thursday paid tribute to Senator Bob Dole in the Capitol Rotunda.

Bob Dole passed away over the weekend at the age of 98 after a battle with cancer.
Joe Biden and congressional leaders honored the late Senator at the US Capitol as Bob Dole lay in state.

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“We meet here in the very heart of American democracy… the Capitol of the United States of America to receive a hero of that democracy for a final time,” Biden said.
“We’ve always found ways to come together. We could find that unity again – and the message said – end of message,” Biden said.


Joe Biden reads instruction off teleprompter:
“End of message.” pic.twitter.com/9QO8tD0nWf
— The First (@TheFirstonTV) December 9, 2021

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