Emails from State and Federal Lawmakers Give Us An Indication of Cluelessness of GOP Politicians

Recent emails from a Republican State Representative in Michigan and a Democrat US Representative in Kansas give us an indication of the state of the union. 
The largest and most grotesque election fraud the world has ever seen occurred in our country and this is how our politicians respond.

This first email was a response to an email to Michigan Republican Representatives about the election steal:

Good morning Joe,

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Safe and secure elections are a cornerstone of our democracy, and more and more people are questioning the system we have in place to protect them. I have listened to many people who have concerns about fraud and election irregularities, and everyone deserves answers.
Under Michigan law, the Legislature does not have a role in the certification process or the Electoral College vote, and it absolutely does not have the authority to choose the winner of an election. While the Legislature has “plenary power” to establish our state’s election processes, that power is not absolute and is still subject to other constitutional constraints. For example, the U.S. Supreme Court has held that the right to a popular vote for president that state legislatures have created is a fundamental right, and under the Constitution the exercise of a fundamental right cannot be infringed upon retroactively for due process reasons.

Michigan’s elections have been certified and the electoral vote has been cast, but that hasn’t changed our responsibility to investigate reports of fraud and look at all the evidence presented to us. I assure you; post-election audits are being conducted and the Legislature has been actively engaged in a thorough review of all reported irregularities.
The U.S. Congress makes the ultimate determination on today of who wins the Presidential election and can respond to evidence of fraud by choosing not to accept a state’s certification. It would be the job of law enforcement to ensure any bad actors are fully prosecuted under the law.
The Michigan House Oversight Committee heard testimony from the president’s legal team and has already issued a subpoena to Michigan’s Bureau of Elections for documents on our state’s election process to provide needed clarity to concerned residents. Administrators from Dominion Voting Systems have appeared before the Senate Oversight Committee. Additionally, subpoenas have been issued to the cities of Detroit and Livonia.
I am hopeful that transparency and accountability provided by the audit and our committee hearings will give everyone confidence in the results and provide valuable insight we can use to help make sure the next election runs much more smoothly.
I am and will always be a strong advocate for safe and secure elections.

Moving forward, fixing the problems people have with our system will be top priority, because Michigan voters deserve a process they can trust.

(We now understand that the above was a canned reply provided to all Michigan Representatives.)
Yesterday a reader provided to us a response to an email about the election steal from Democrat US Representative Sharice Davids out of Kansas:

January 7, 2021 10:05 pm
Yesterday was one of the darkest days in our nation’s recent history. The chaos and violence we saw at the Capitol complex were a shameful and grotesque attack on our democracy that will leave an indelible stain on our country.
Like many of you, I feel a range of emotions: anger at those who carried out this attack, sadness over the deep division in our country, shock that this was even possible, gratitude for my safety and that of those around me, and resolve with my fellow lawmakers who continued our constitutional duties last night.
The insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Anything less is a threat to the republic and to the rule of law in this country.

By inciting this riot, President Trump has made it clear that he is unable to faithfully discharge the powers and duties of his office. That is why I’m calling on the U.S. Cabinet Secretaries and the Vice President to invoke the 25th Amendment now. If the Cabinet and Vice President do not act, we must swiftly impeach the President and remove him from office. Our democracy, safety, and security are at stake.
We must also ensure accountability of the elected officials who not only condoned, but encouraged this violence and even sought to fundraise off of it. They share culpability with the President for the assault on our democracy yesterday.
There are many questions that deserve answers about the complete security breakdown at the Capitol. We were told that U.S. Capitol Police were prepared for this, and they very clearly were not.
Many individual Capitol Police officers acted heroically to help bring members, journalists, and staff to safety. But the fact that this happened in the first place is a systemic failure and breakdown of security protocols.

There was also a clear bias in the treatment of this violent mob compared to the many folks – including women, people of color, and people with disabilities – who have peacefully protested at the Capitol. And this must be addressed.
So, where do we go from here? I don’t pretend to have all the answers about how we move forward. But I do know this: yesterday was an attack on our democracy, and our democracy prevailed.
Last night, in the very room that had been desecrated just hours before, I joined my colleagues to certify the results of the election and affirm President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory. In 13 days, Biden will be sworn in and begin the hard work of healing our country after four years of chaos and division, with the help of a Democrat-led House and Senate. I look forward to joining him in that effort.
These are dark days but our democracy must and will prevail.

My warmest regards,ImageSharice L. DavidsMember of Congress

Her warmest regards…
How can the politicians in the US be so far removed from the beliefs of ordinary Americans?  We want justice not fraud, honesty not conspiracy, truth not lies and courage not fear.

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