Despite Shutdowns, Lockdowns, Masks, Vaccines, Boosters, Double Maskers… New COVID Cases Top One Million for First Time Ever

Guest post by Bill Hennessey and Substack.
Despite two years of shutdowns, lockdowns, closed churches, denied sacraments, masks, double masks, N95 masks, N99 masks, distancing, jabs, double jabs, double jab booster combos, expert predictions, expert promises, 95% immunity-giving phase 3 trials, and crazy ladies wearing clear plastic face shields, over 1,000,000 Americans popped positive for Covid in a single day.

Today’s positive test number is more than four-times higher than at the previous Covid peak in January 2021 and comes just days short of one year since Joe Biden took office promising to “shut down the virus.”
Hennessy’s View predicted this record nine hours ago, but expected Wednesday would be Doomsday for “the science.”

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Anyone who still trusts the experts deserves what comes their way. The rest of us, those who’ve been trying to inject sanity, logic, and actual statistics into this conversation since the beginning, well, we’re owed compensation for our loss of liberty, time, and treasure.
The legitimacy of the medical profession, public health industry, academia, and the government have been obliterated by Covid.

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