DEMOCRAT INSANITY: DC Cops Sue Black Conservative Ali Alexander Using KKK Act — Claim “Racism and White Supremacy” Pervaded His Efforts

Ali Alexander is being sued by eight cops in DC alleging that he is responsible for their alleged injuries on Jan 6.  The police are using the KKK Act as their basis to sue.  Alexander is a black conservative. 
A group of corrupt DC police is suing Ali Alexander, President Trump, Roger Stone and others and blaming them for their injuries on Jan 6.  This crazy case is backed by a progressive DC-based law firm that is representing them.

The case relies on the KKK Act.  Alexander is a black conservative. WTH!
Below is Alexander’s first response to this case filed today.  It is well worth the read.

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Alexander was raised by his single mother in section 8 housing.  He overcame many hurdles while making his way to a Bible college.  He eventually got into politics and where he in the projects and rallies and raising awareness for a variety ofcandidates and issues, including advising the Trump Administration on criminal justice reform.

He used a silhouette of his most tragic youthful mugshot on a t-shirt to raise money for fatherless Black boys, boys who are growing up like he grew up. That Alexander is being accused by the Plaintiffs and their attorneys of conspiring to violate the Ku Klux Klan Act, the D.C. Bias Related Crimes Act (Am. Compl. para. 4), and that “[r]acism and white supremacy pervaded Defendants’ efforts from the outset” (Am. Compl. para. 5) is particularly odious, let alone factually baseless.

Did these DC cops and their attorneys even look at his picture?
Motion of Alexander to Dismiss Complaint in Smith v Trump by Jim Hoft on Scribd

You can help Ali Alexander with his legal defense here.

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