De Blasio Bribes New Yorkers: A Vaccination Team Can Come to Your House, Give Everyone in Your Family a Jab

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday said vaccination teams will be deployed to homes to administer Covid jabs.
The vaccination teams will also be giving $100 incentives to (poor) people who get their vaccines.

“A vaccination team comes to you – they can provide vaccination for the whole family,” De Blasio said.
“The [vaccination] teams that come to your home have the ability to provide whatever help you need – and the $100 incentive is available for every family member,” he added.

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De Blasio is bribing children.
Totally normal.


NYC Mayor de Blasio says a ‘vaccination team’ will come to your house, give everyone in your family the booster shot and $100
— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) December 21, 2021

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