Champagne Socialist AOC Is Spotted Vacationing Maskless in Miami with Boyfriend

Another Champagne Socialist–
Her hypocrisy holds no bounds.
Rules are for the rubes.
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AOC spotted vacationing maskless with white boyfriend in Miami, FL
They don’t believe a single word they tell their followers on Twitter
— Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) December 31, 2021

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Florida welcomed the toxic socialist, but only for a brief visit.

Welcome to Florida, AOC!
We hope you’re enjoying a taste of freedom here in the Sunshine State thanks to @RonDeSantisFL’s leadership.
— Team DeSantis (@teamrondesantis) December 31, 2021

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This really says it all.

Florida is so dangerous & scary that AOC decided to go on vacation in Miami this week 🌞 You know it’s a free state when even a Democrat can enjoy cocktails without being forced to show her papers or wear a mask 🐊
— Christina Pushaw 🐊 (@ChristinaPushaw) December 31, 2021

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