CES 2022 provides a chance for in-car solutions to get their dues.

This year, we’ve had a shorter and more compact version of CES. There are fewer brands on the floor and even fewer visitors. Despite this, we’ve still seen auto manufacturers wowing us with high-tech concepts and creative artistry

But it’s not all about the big dogs. CES 2022 has provided an opportunity for lesser-known brands, and startups to show off their technical and creative nous. 

Personally, my favorite parts of the show have been in-car product offerings (with one notable exception). So let’s take a look at the CES auto innovations that have blown me away.

Augmented Reality HUD 2.0 (Panasonic)

Panasonic has created cool AI-powered navigation software with 3D AR overlays, icons, mapping, and a patented eye-tracking system.

The technology identifies the individual driver’s height and head movement behind the wheel and dynamically adjusts and compensates the images in the “eyebox.” It further supports driver identification and other driver monitoring features like detecting drowsiness, impairment, and distraction.  

Wireless in-car charging (Aira)