Celebrity Capitol Police Officer Who Was Seen Beating Trump Supporters on Jan. 6 Gets Contributor Gig on CNN

Michael Fanone, the celebrity US Capitol Police Officer known for his hatred of President Trump and his supporters, was recently hired by CNN as a contributor.
Fanone was filmed beating Trump supporters that day according to several witnesses. He was made famous by the mainstream media for his absolute disdain for Trump and his supporters.

Celebrity Police Officer Mike Fanone and Daniel Hodges (both witnesses at the January 6th House Select Committee Hearing) with Lila Morris, who was beating Trump supporters on Jan. 6 with a stick, at Super Bowl LV “in recognition of their heroism” during the Jan. 6 “attack at the Capitol building”.
In August Capitol Hill police officer Michael Fanone was put under the microscope by Newsmax’s Greg Kelly and ‘American Greatness’ senior contributor Julie Kelly. In the segment Julie Kelly reveals some “interesting details” about the officer.

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Fanone is a rich kid from the DC suburbs. The more he hates Trump – the more the media loves him.His new gig at CNN is not a surprise.

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