Building apps with GPT-3? Here’s how to balance cost and performance

Last week, OpenAI removed the waitlist for the application programming interface to GPT-3, its flagship language model. Now, any developer who meets the conditions for using the OpenAI API can apply and start integrating GPT-3 into their applications.

Since the beta release of GPT-3, developers have built hundreds of applications on top of the language model. But building successful GPT-3 products presents unique challenges. You must find a way to leverage the power of OpenAI’s advanced deep learning models to provide the best value to your users while keeping your operations scalable and cost-efficient.

Fortunately, OpenAI provides a variety of options that can help you make the best use of your money when using GPT-3. Here’s what the people who have been developing applications with GPT-3 have to say about best practices.

Models and tokens