‘Bruh I’m Gaining Weight I Look TF GOODT’

Rapper Lizzo shared a video displaying her obese figure while dancing in a one-piece swimsuit on Sunday.
The rapper captioned the video with the message, “Bruh I’m gaining weight I look tf GOODT” and a drooling emoji.

Bruh I’m gaining weight I look tf GOODT 🤤 pic.twitter.com/GqJxhmADGd
— ALL THE RUMORS ARE TRUE (@lizzo) January 2, 2022

Lizzo’s celebration and display of obesity fits a broader political campaign against health and standards of beauty related to body weight dubbed “body positivity,” “fat liberation” and “diversity and inclusion” by its proponents.

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“Follow the science” ™ pic.twitter.com/UhQteBC0LF
— Ian Miles Cheong @ stillgray.substack.com (@stillgray) January 3, 2021

Last year, Cosmopolitan glorified obesity as “healthy.”

Negative. pic.twitter.com/Maj5Q7S1rk
— Ian Miles Cheong @ stillgray.substack.com (@stillgray) January 4, 2021

A February 2021 issue of the publication that featured plus-size models read, “This is healthy!
“Wellness” does not mean “one size fits all” because “‘healthy’ can be a loaded word.”
Covid is more life-threatening for the obese, but who cares about facts —  morbid obesity is sexy, healthy and should be celebrated, mRNA vaccines prevent Covid infection, masks keep us safe, gender doesn’t exist, Joe Biden won more votes in 2020 than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history and using logic to reach conclusions is racist.

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