Biden Frightened of Putin – Trying to Save Face Before Much Anticipated Video Call Tomorrow

Russian President Putin and Joe Biden have a call planned for tomorrow.  Biden is reportedly concerned Putin will invade Ukraine soon.  Biden’s team has no idea what to do.
Zerohedge reports:

CNN and others are reporting just a day ahead of the much anticipated video call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden that the White House is mulling “nuclear option” level actions against Moscow should it launch a military offensive against Ukraine – which US intelligence has lately said could be imminent based on assessing that some 175,000 troops have been mustered in the Crimea and regions near Ukraine’s eastern border.
This includes discussion of the possibility of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international payment system, seen as the most drastic potential measure which further includes fresh sanctions on Putin’s inner circle and on Russian energy producers.

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The Kremlin has of course vehemently rejected the Ukraine threat accusations, saying it’s free to move its own troops wherever it sees fit within the Russian Federation’s sovereign territory and borders…
…“We have put together a pretty damn aggressive package,” an unnamed administration official additionally said to CNN, adding further that if Russia  invades Ukraine “the US and Europe together will impose the worst economic sanctions that have ever been imposed on a country, outside of Iran and North Korea,” according to the report.

A tweet from a CNN reporter also shares these concerns.

NEW: “Pretty damn aggressive” sanctions package in works by US & Europe should Russia invade Ukraine, sources say. 1 option “very much on the table”: disconnecting Russia from SWIFT intl payment system & denying Russian energy producers from debt markets.
— Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) December 6, 2021

Biden is scheduled to do a call with Putin tomorrow.  The problem for Biden is Putin sees right through him.
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