Biden Caves to Russian Leader — Offers Measure of Autonomy for Eastern Ukraine and No NATO Membership for at Least a Decade

Putin’s Puppet.
A new report by the Associated Press revealed that Joe Biden gave up the Donetsk Region of Ukraine to Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Biden made the offer during his phone conversation with Russia this week.
The report of this proposal did not make any headlines.US News reported:

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Administration officials have suggested that the U.S. will press Ukraine to formally cede a measure of autonomy within its eastern Donbas region, which is now under de facto control by Russia-backed separatists who rose up against Kyiv in 2014. Decentralization of Ukraine and a “special status” for Donbas were laid out in an ambiguous, European-brokered peace deal in 2015, but it has never taken hold.

Larry Kudlow reported on Thursday that Biden bowed to Putin’s requests. According to Kudlow, the US will press Ukraine to formally cede a measure of autonomy to a region of eastern Ukrainian lands now controlled by Russian-backed separatists. Also according to the AP, senior State Department officials have told Ukraine NATO membership is unlikely to be approved in the next decade.

According to Kudlow — “It sounds like Putin gets what he wants.”
Why is this not surprising?
This would be a good time for Ukraine to release more documents on the corrupt Biden family deals.

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