Best Retrospec Commuter Bike | Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Commuting from one place to another is hazardous! It kills money and time. That is why you need to get up early in the morning, get yourself ready, and in a hurry, go to catch the transportation. Isn’t it too problematic? But have you though – a commuter bike can solve your problem?

Being a new biker, you may not want to go at a variety of speeds. It may seem problematic to you. To relieve the extra burden, you will have the best Retrospec Commuter Bike out there! Among other Retrospec bikes, you can pick up this version with ease. It has come with a single-speed only! And, as a result, you need not go for extra training.

Are you anxious about your fashion? Don’t worry at all. This matte black unique bike can enhance your style a little bit more! For your help, here we are going to provide you with the best Retrospec commuter bike review. You can include it in your list without thinking twice! Let’s have a look to know more:

Best Retrospec Commuter Bike

Retrospec Commuter Bike

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Key Features:

  • Comes with a size of 57 cm
  • Matte Black color
  • Ride fixed or with a freewheel with the help of its flip-flop hub
  • Tig-welded, premium hand-built steel frame
  • Two sets of brakes, VP freestyle pedals, KMC chain, 700 x 28C Kenda Kwest tires, and deep-v 30mm rims

Bike Frame

Seriously, you are going to tremble with joy after hearing about the frame it includes! The frame is tig-welded and premium hand-built. And as it is made of sturdy thigh-tensile steel, you need not think about the durability at all. It has been made in such a way that the bumps in the road will seem like a plain surface! Because the frame can absorb the bumps and shocks with ease! Do you need more?

As the frame is made of solid steel, it will serve you for ages without any hindrance. Even you don’t need to think about the stain. Because matte black covers the whole stainless steel frame, and during the rainy or sunny seasons, you will have no chance to fade the color. Just wash the bike, sweep it, and then it will sparkle like a new one!


The wheels of a bike will tell you whether you are going to enjoy the ride or not! You need not bother at all. The wheelset of this bike will make you happy. Listen, the standard deep-v 30mm rims are nothing but a dream. And the 700 x 28C Kenda Kwest tires will run the bike like a horse! Without any doubt, this bike can fulfill all of your demands.

Moreover, the flip-flop hub it contains is highly convenient. On the one hand, it allows you to ride with a freewheel, and on the other hand, enjoy the fixed one with ease! Isn’t it too exciting for a biker like you?

Load capacity

As you know the frame is made of high-quality stainless steel, why should you think about the load capacity then? Without any hesitation, you can load up to 220 lbs. The high-level fork, VP freestyle pedals, and KMC chain are made with solid materials. Hence, the Retrospec city bike can endure a massive load with ease.

At the same time, having 34 inches standover height, this best budget commuter bike can carry 5.9 to 6 inches hight without any obstacles. Therefore, you should not be anxious in this regard also.

Bike Assembly

Like most other bikes, this one has come with 95% re-assembled. You can fix the rest with the help of the tools given with the package. And it would be best if you got a one year warranty with each part. So buy the bike with confidence. Honestly, this will serve you for decades.


  • Awesome daily commuter
  • Inexpensive bike
  • Assembly is extremely straightforward
  • All necessary tools are included
  • The bike frame is reliable, has clean welds, and doesn’t have much plastic on it at all.


  • The seat should be more comfortable.

The conclusion

Why will you take a burden thinking over commuting? If you are not capable of buying a car or motorbike, you can think about this best commuter bike. The Retrospec Harper bike is merely great. You need not take extra training to run this one. Also, the maintenance cost is so handy.

Have you thought earlier – how much money you spend daily for commuting? Only a single bike can save you a lot. This fashionable bike can be a great companion for you! Just buy and see – how helpful it is!

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