BCIs had a big year in the lab. In 2022, they’re coming to the market

Brain-computer interfaces are slowly edging into the mainstream. After a stringof scientific breakthroughs, neurotech companies are starting to commercialize their research.

Among them is Blackrock Neurotech, which is restoring functions that have been impaired by disabilities or accidents.

The company is best-known for developing a neural implant that enabled a paralyzed man to control a robotic arm with his mind. In 2022, the Utah-based firm plans to launch its first commercial device.

“From an engineering point of view, all the components are there,” Florian Solzbacher, Blackrock’s co-founder and chairman, tells TNW.

“What we’re going to be launching initially is based on what a few dozen patients have used in the context of clinical studies — just a little smaller and more elegant. Shortly thereafter, we’ll have a fully implantable wireless version as well with even more capability.”