B-2 Stealth Bomber Flies Over Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade on New Year’s Day and then Later Over the Rose Bowl Game (VIDEO) (Update)

A B-2 stealth bomber flew over Pasadena’s Rose Bowl parade on New Year’s day morning yesterday.  Later in the day, the bomber flew over the Rose Bowl game. 
Below is a video of the B-2 stealth bomber flying over the Pasadena Rose Bowl parade.

Later in the day, the iconic B-2 stealth bomber flew over the Rose Bowl game.

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Iconic. pic.twitter.com/OzV8Mk3D1d
— Rose Bowl Game (@rosebowlgame) January 1, 2022

These bombers were symbols of American firepower, creativity, and engineering. 
Update: the captain of one of the B-2 bombers flying yesterday is the grandson of Ohio State football legend Hopalong Cassady.
Per Buckeyes Wire:

Howard “Hopalong” Cassady’s grandson, Captain Kyle Cassady, will be one of the pilots performing the flyover in a B-2 stealth bomber. We caught up with Cassady to reminisce about the Buckeye and college football legend his grandfather was, touch on what it’ll be like to fly over the stadium and more. We even touched on some of the memories (some funny, some cherished) from Cassady’s time with his grandfather growing up.

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