Astronomers just detected the oldest and most distant quasar ever

More than 13 billion light years from Earth, the quasar J0313–1806 radiates vast quantities of electromagnetic radiation. This body, formed just 670 million years after the Big Bang, is seen shining with 1000 times the total light produced by the Milky Way Galaxy. The supermassive black hole at its center is more than 1.6 billion times more massive than the Sun.

At a distance of more than 13.03 billion light years from Earth, J0313–1806 is the most distant— and thus the most ancient — quasar yet seen by astronomers. This supermassive black hole is seen radiating vast quantities of radiation when the Universe was just 5% of the current age of the Cosmos. This body is 20 million light years more distant than the previous record-holder for the most distant quasar known, discovered just three years ago.