Apple paid App Store devs $260B — and leeched over $100B from their labor

On first glance, that’s a breathtakingly impressive number: $260 billion. Developers on Apple’s App Store earned a quarter of a trillion dollars since its launch in 2008.

Consider just how many companies and independents that cash has breathed life into, it’s staggering. But that’s not the whole story.

If App Store devs have made $260 billion since 2008, that means Apple has potentially made over a hundred billion for doing, well, comparatively very little. Let’s explore this a bit futher.

In a recent press release, Apple stated it paid out $260 billion to developers since the App Store’s launch. On January 6 last year, Apple said it had shelled out “more than $200 billion” in that period.

In other words, in 2021 alone, App Store devs raked in $60 billion.