Apple might replace the notch with a cut-out — here’s what it should look like

I don’t know what to believe anymore. After the MacBook Pro was launched with a notch, it appeared that Apple was doubling down on the design feature. Effectively, the notch was now an integral part of Apple’s brand identity.

But that might actually be wrong. They lied to us.

According to recent leaks, it looks as though the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro range will do away with the notch and replace it with a “pill-shaped” cut out. If you’re asking what the hell that would look like, here’s a useful guide:

This rumor has, of course, prompted the wonderful minds of shitposters across the internet to offer alternative suggestions to how the iPhone 14 Pro cut-out should look. And here at TNW, we’re not ones to turn down the opportunity to flap about in the mud like pig people.

So, we got our editorial team to chime in with some suggestions about what shape the cut-out selfie camera on the iPhone 14 should be. And here they are: