Antifa-BLM Organizer Who Stormed US Capitol Is Released from Jail Without Bail

Antifa-Insurgence leader John Earl Sullivan is in custody after being arrested in Utah on Thursday.
As reported previously Antifa protester John Sullivan was caught on video posing as a Trump supporter during the rioting at the US Capitol last week.

Footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit from militant Black Lives Matter and Antifa activist John Sullivan’s Discord server shows the so-called “civil rights activist” reveling inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6 as he damaged federal property.
Sullivan has maintained in multiple interviews that he regularly attends protests only to record what’s going on, but did not actively partake in the insurgence in Washington. This is a lie. He is a leader of the Utah Antifa-BLM movement and has been previously arrested.

TRENDING: HUGE! Brother of Arrested Antifa-BLM Activist John Sullivan Turned Him In! — Says His Brother Was “Somehow in Charge” of US Capitol Riots (VIDEO)

Sullivan also organized an Antifa-Insurgence rally on January 6th at the Washingotn Monument at 11 AM before they stormed the US Capitol.The mainstream media refuses to report these facts.

Earlier this week John Sullivan’s brother James contacted the FBI and turned his brother in.
John Sullivan was released without bail on Friday and placed on house arrest 

JUST IN – John Sullivan, BLM activist charged in U.S. Capitol riot, has been released from jail without bail.
— ? (@disclosetv) January 16, 2021

Not every violent protester is so lucky.QAnon protester Jacob Chansley is being held without bail.

25 years for Jacob, and the Antifa thug, John Sullivan, was released earlier today without bail. America truly hates us.
— American Terrier ? (@AmericanBosTer) January 16, 2021

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