Android users can’t dial 911 because of… Microsoft Teams?

I’m not gonna sit here and decry current technology, quite the opposite. To this very day, there’s something magical about smartphones. I can use them to watch movies, make music, work… anything, really.

Despite this, I — a caveman — still expect my pocket rectangle to do one basic thing: be a phone.

And this means doing things like calling 911. Normally, this isn’t an issue, but it could be now. If you’re on Android. And have Microsoft Teams installed. And aren’t logged into the app.

Yes, friends, last week a Reddit user shared an issue with contacting the American emergency services. Specifically, they used a Pixel 3 running Android 11 on Verizon.

Without going into too much detail (you can read the full saga here), the user dialled 911 following a call with their mother. After one ring, their phone stuck and they were unable to “do anything other than click through apps with an emergency phone call running in the background.”

Now, Google has confirmed the existence of the bug and responded to this issue.

In its statement (posted on Reddit, of course), the company pointed to the two aforementioned reasons for this issue:

  • The user has Microsoft Teams downloaded
  • And they are not logged in

Google stated that it is working with Microsoft to fix the issue. But if you’re worried about it now? Make sure you “uninstall and reinstall” Microsoft Teams. I’m sure that’s very reassuring for everyone to hear.