Amazon Bans Parler for “Violence” But Allows “Kill All Republicans” T-Shirts

Always Remember: The Left is projecting on you what they are doing in spades.
Last week the tech giants colluded together in an attempt to destroy social media alternative Parler.The final straw came when far left Amazon banned Parler from using its cloud service.
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This shut down the popular app after millions of conservatives flocked to Parler after Twitter began purging top conservative thought leaders including the President of the United States.
Amazon said it was due to “violence” on the app which is an excuse and a lie.

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Parler is still struggling to replace Amazon’s cloud service.
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Ryan Fournier later pointed out that Amazon is selling “Kill all Republicans” on its website.
But Parler is the problem?

Amazon banned Parler, but allowed people to buy this shirt from their website.
— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) January 16, 2021

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