A Return to Sanity — NCAA Allows Those with COVID Herd Immunity to Participate in Sporting Activities

The NCAA announced this week that athletes who had the COVID do not have to get vaccinated and can participate in sporting activities.These athletes will be able to participate for 90 days after coming down with COVID.
As Steve Bannon said on The War Room, this gets them past the NCAA basketball tournament where they make millions.

Via The NCAA Website.

For purposes of the winter guidelines, the NCAA COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group has developed a definition of “fully vaccinated” that considers both vaccination status and other immunity factors that may impact risks for Tier 1 individuals, including student-athletes and coaches. Those considered fully vaccinated include people:

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Within two months of having completed the primary series of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (one dose).
Within five months of having completed the primary series of the mRNA Pfizer vaccine, or within six months of having completed the primary series of the mRNA Moderna vaccine (two doses for both).
Who have received a booster vaccine if they are beyond two months of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or beyond five or six months of the mRNA Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, respectively.

A person who has had a documented COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days is considered the equivalent of “fully vaccinated.”

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