A real island for crypto fans that’s already doomed

Close your eyes. Shut them nice and tight. Now, imagine, if you will, a tropical island populated only by crypto enthusiasts… Open your eyes. What have you done?

Cryptoland is real — and it can hurt you. Also, it can scam you out of quite a bit of cash.

This crypto island project first gained public attention with a video that can only be described as unhinged and a Molly White Twitter thread. In the video, a pitch for buying stakes on the island via NFTs rubs shoulders with an animated video that seems closer to a crypto satire than a sales pitch.

Words struggle to do it justice, but have a watch.

We could write an entire article about the bizarre animated section of this video. I mean, the thing includes an anthropomorphic talking coin, a song-and-dance number, and endless hackneyed crypto in-jokes.

But today we want to get a little bit more serious and try to get our heads around what Cryptoland actually is.

What is Cryptoland?

In the simplest terms, the project is an attempt to buy an island and make it a global crypto hub.

The people behind it have claimed they want to split the land into three main areas: