55 PM ET — And Afternoon Election Panel with Reps. Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs — WATCH LIVE

Turning Point USA kicked off day three of AmericaFest with another incredible agenda of speakers.
This morning began with Project Veritas founder James O’keefe, followed by former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka.

See the full agenda here.

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The Gateway Pundit reported on day two of AmericaFest which featured an election integrity panel with Arizona State Senators, hosted by Breitbart’s Alex Marlow.
THOUSANDS Turn Out For TPUSA AmericaFest – AZ Election Integrity Panel @ 7:30 ET – Watch Speakers LIVE

Now, Congressman Andy Biggs and Congressman Paul Gosar have taken the stage for ‘Election Integrity: Our Top Priority’, where they are speaking about Maricopa County and election integrity nationwide.
The full forensic election audit of Maricopa County found evidence of hundreds of thousands of possibly fraudulent and illegal ballots were counted.
Jesse Watters will speak shortly.
At 3:55 AZ, Jack Posobiec, Elijah Schaffer, and Drew Hernandez will join a “VERY special guest”.
The Gateway Pundit reported that Kyle Rittenhouse would be speaking at AmericaFest per Jack Posobiec.

BREAKING: Karen Fann, Sonny Borelli, Vince Leach, and Warren Peterson to hold Arizona Election Integrity Panel at Turning Point USA AmericaFest – Kyle Rittenhouse Also To Speak

Watch Live here:

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