4 Windows keyboard shortcuts I can’t live without

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As a Windows veteran, I’ve lived under the impression I knew enough about the OS to get as much as I cared out of it. I failed to recognize I was an idiot, and was just plain wrong about the features and flexibility it currently offers.

That’s all in the past: I’d now like to share with you some wisdom that has drastically improved my computing experience — a bunch of handy keyboard shortcuts. These work on Windows 10 and Windows 11, but a couple of them require you to first install PowerToys from Microsoft. Yeah, it’s another couple of steps, but you’ll see why it’s totally worth the hassle. Let’s go.

Copying and pasting multiple snippets with Win + V

Most people copy and paste one bit of text at a time, and they’re losing precious minutes and sanity as a result. Sharing the title of an article along with a link really shouldn’t take that many steps. Thankfully, there’s a way to save multiple snippets of text to your clipboard, and paste them as necessary.

You’ll need to enable Clipboard history to use this feature. The quickest way to do that is click the Start button, type ‘Clipboard’, and click Clipboard settings when it pops up there as a search result.

On the settings page that appears, set the ‘Clipboard history’ toggle to on, and you’re ready to use Win + V.