4 ‘minor’ features that will have a BIG impact on upcoming gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), usually held in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, went virtual for the first time because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, we still saw some bizarre and some forward-looking products.

The show is also a showcase of some standards we’ve been hearing about, but haven’t seen in devices. Here are some of those technologies that we might see a lot in the coming years.


We’ve all been used to the LCD tech, which uses a white backlight and liquid crystal filters to generate colors, and OLED tech, which uses organic compounds that can light up and produce colors. Usually, LCD displays offer a brighter picture, but OLED offers better contrast levels.

Technically, Mini-LED is a cousin of LCD. Instead of using a single backlight, it uses thousands of tiny LEDs to generate light; colors are still produced by liquid crystals. This technology offers something called “local dimming” that allows controlling the brightness of certain areas of the screen. It’s also energy-efficient and offers better contrast than LCD.