13 GOP Lawmakers Sign Letter to DC Mayor Bowser to Fire Deputy Warden Landerkin Who Allows Torture of DC Political Prisoners

There are currently dozens of Trump supporters indefinitely detained without trial at the DC Gulag in Washington DC.
The corrupt DC judges will not allow these men to post bail and many are beaten and regularly abused by the DC prison guards.
The J-6 protesters have been beaten by the Trump-hating guards to within an inch of their lives. The Deputy Warden is a raging leftist who regularly tweets vicious attacks at Trump supporters.Kathleen Landerkin is Deputy Warden at the DC Gulag.

Landerkin even tweeted about how she wants white Republicans to go extinct.
Landerkin allows Trump supporters to be beaten, neglected, and abused by the prison guards. This has been well documented

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There are 213 Republicans in the current 117th House of Representatives.There are 221 Democrats in the current 117th House of Representatives.
On December 16, 2021, 13 Republicans signed a letter to Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser demanding she fire her far left Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin after news broke of Landerkins extremist beliefs and torturing of prisoners.

Where are the rest of the Republicans and Democrats? Are they OK with the vicious treatment of the Washington DC political prisoners? Are Republican lawmakers really this weak they they will not stand up against torture?
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted the letter on her Twitter page.

Deputy Warden Landerkin is using her position to torture her political opponents in a system where justice is supposed to be blind. https://t.co/ZURggZIGDw
— Congresswoman Mary Miller (@RepMaryMiller) December 16, 2021

Here is the letter sent to Mayor Bowser last week.page 1

page 2
page 3
page 4

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